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Allen's Line

  1. Allen's Line, Boris Cossio
    Boris Cossio

  2. Allen's Line, Paolo Cingolani, Theodosia Stathi
    Paolo Cingolani, Theodosia Stathi

  3. Allen's Line, Julyen Hamilton, Paolo Cingolani
    Julyen Hamilton, Paolo Cingolani

  4. Allen's Line, Julyen Hamilton, Billie Hanne, Paolo Cingolani
    Julyen Hamilton, Billie Hanne, Paolo Cingolani

  5. Allen's Line, Barbara Pereyra
    Barbara Pereyra

  6. Allen's Line, Ana Iommi
    Ana Iommi

  7. Allen's Line, Boris Cossio, Paolo Cingolani, Barbara Pereyra
    Boris Cossio, Paolo Cingolani, Barbara Pereyra

Local Talk is the human social microcosm, whispered or shouted. It has detail of the daily and urgency which makes a whole generation of movement. It has a message to the single other human and a message to the whole populous gathered around. Its duets and trios, arrangements and fractures are sudden and cutting, they dive straight into their fleshy state to instantly reveal their nature.
The hanging chalk-board, the chalk, the wipe and the ropes from which the board is suspended are the floating place for the written word to accompany the spoken word and dancing bodies. Both bodies and words are written from the gut and leave utterances in the air.

Direction: Julyen Hamilton
Performers: Ana Iommi, Boris Cossio, Agostina d'Alessandro, Billie Hanne, Julyen Hamilton, Theodosia Stathi, Paolo Cingolani, Barbara Pereyra, Yoann Boyer
Light Design and Decor: Julyen Hamilton
Photography: Patrick Beelaert

  1. Beyond this day, this month, this hour...

  2. should never worry about being late.

  3. For you we sing.

  4. There is no surprise.
    We wrote you a letter last week.

  5. The eagle thinks.

  6. The water is cold, but clear.

  7. It lives.


22 Jun @ DCJ, Brussels

21 Jun @ DCJ, Brussels


10 Oct @ Festival Imprévu, Strasbourg

28 Sep @ Festival Imprévu, Brussels


24 Apr @ Cellule 133a, Brussels

16 Apr @ Micadanses Paris (Canaldanse)

Julyen Hamilton Website Photo 'Goat Ocean' Berlin 2013